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How to Volumize Fine Hair – Our Guide to Visibly Thicker and Fuller Hair

How to Volumize Fine Hair – 5 Tricks for Visibly Thicker and Fuller Hair

There are plenty of reasons to love manageable locks, but on the days when you want real bounce, fine hair can fall flat. So, we have a few tips and tricks to help take your hair to new heights. Whether it’s the right haircut for fine hair or switching to a volumizing shampoo for fine hair – a little know-how counts when it comes to achieving major bounce.

Volume to match your confidence

A simple hair flip during a presentation can say to a room full of your colleagues – I’m confident and comfortable where and as I am. The secret to this subtle power move? Bounce and volume. If your fine hair feels a little limp, maybe it’s time for a trim?

Get blow drying

Introduce a volumizing shampoo for fine hair into your weekly hair care routine for visibly thicker hair. The TRESemmé Collagen Fullness range gives you visibly fuller hair after one use – pretty great, right? After you’ve gently cleansed your hair, give it a proper blow out, taking the brush underneath the hair and away from your roots. For added volume, flip your head upside down and blow dry from this angle.

We’re not big on back combing

Back combing has had its heyday, particularly in the 00s. It’s a handy trick when it comes to updos – but for every day volume? It’s a pass. Back combing can easily break brittle strands and that’s something you want to avoid with fine hair. Besides, we’re more about achieving an effortless, wake-up-and-wear kind of volume.

The right haircut for fine hair

Dead ends are exactly that – a dead end for volume. Commit to a cut and get rid of some length, this will help give your locks a lift and new shape. Also, don’t shy away from layers. A layered look is a great haircut for fine hair as it gives you shape and definition.

Fine hair has its perks, but every now and again it doesn’t hurt to have a little (or a lot) of volume to match whatever world-conquering mood you’re in. With the right shampoo for fine hair or a layered haircut you can flip fine hair on its head.



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