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The endless benefits of hemp

Hemp Hair Products – Why You Should Use Hemp Oil for Your Hair

When the taboo becomes shampoo – it’s hard to be sure if something like hemp oil, a cannabis plant extract, is really beneficial for your hair or just another trend. So, in this article we’re going to unpack the benefits of hemp oil for hair and how best to use it. Because, truth be told, hemp oil really does help you achieve hydrated, healthy-looking hair.

Taboo Meets Shampoo

We’re all for beauty trends that go beyond the norm, and hemp oil has taken the world by storm. The only question: what is hemp oil? Extracted from cannabis, hemp seed oil holds no THC (the state-altering substance found in cannabis). Instead, it is packed with Omegas and has become widely popular for its natural health and beauty remedies.

Time to TREShine

Inspired by nature, our Botanique Hemp+ Hydration Shampoo gives your hair its shine back. Infused with Hibiscus oil, this shampoo and conditioner takes dry, dull-looking hair and gives it plenty of moisture-looking love. Jumping from hot to cold environments, colouring our hair – it’s a strain on every strand. So easy everyday hair care that’s made from professional know-how, is what we’re all about. At the end of the day, you’ll shine no matter what, but having hair to match is always bonus.

How to Make the Most of It

Just like any hair care routine, using both a hemp shampoo and hemp conditioner as a pair will give you the best outcome. Hemp shampoo gently cleanses whilst locking in moisture. To get the most out of your hemp conditioner, massage it into your hair, applying generously from mid-way down your hair to your ends and leave in for five or so minutes. It’ll boost your shine, giving your hair extra moisture and strength. It’s time to embrace hemp hair products and glow your own way.

If you’re looking to switch up your hair routine or if your curiosity is officially triggered, our Botanique Hemp+ Hydration Conditioner and shampoo is a great way of exploring the benefits of hemp oil. Healthy-looking hair, here you come.


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