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A female model with half of her hair straightened whilst the other is unstyled and messy with split ends.

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends


Split ends ruining your style? We hear you. But here's the good news: they don't have to. With the help of some simple haircare steps, you'll soon know how to get rid of split ends and help reduce breakage. Follow the five tips below and say hello to healthier-looking hair.


1. Dust between haircuts

A professional trim really helps make your hair more manageable. But, if you don't want to lose too much length, try 'dusting'. Never heard of dusting? It's the process of snipping your ends by approximately a quarter of an inch, to keep it in the best possible condition, without affecting the overall length. Think of it as a tiny trim that only snips away your split ends for tidy, healthy-looking tresses.


2. Use products tailored to your needs

Tide yourself over until the next big cut with products designed specifically for preventing and repairing split ends.


3. Easy on the towelling

When you’re in a rush, rough-drying your hair with a towel might be speedy, but this actually speeds up the damage! That's because excessive friction breaks and damages hair follicles, which can split over time. Instead of vigorous rubbing, gently pat and press excess water from your hair with your towel and take care when combing afterwards. Tip: prep with a leave-in conditioner to help detangle.


4. Protect against heat

Heated styling tools can be a saviour, but they can also be a major cause of split ends. Heat diminishes the proteins that coat your hair fibres, which weakens the hair shaft and can lead to splits. That’s why a heat protectant spray is your BFF when using heated stylers. Apply to damp hair before blow-drying and again on dry hair before using heated tools, to help shield from heat damage.


5. Try an intensive oil treatment

There's nothing wrong with giving your hair an extra shot of moisture to help combat all that drying and styling. Hair oil treatments help replenish lost nutrients to damaged cuticles, leaving hair soft, smooth and primed for styling. TRESemmé Oil Elixir combines the nourishing and smoothing benefits of an oil with the weightlessness of a shine spray to help keep hair nourished and healthy-looking.


Now that you know what causes split ends and how to get rid of them, prepare to welcome fresh-feeling locks that look smooth, sleek and runway-ready.