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This Is What Imposter Syndrome Feels Like

An article created in partnership with Refinery29


If you’ve ever felt like a 'fraud' at work, you're not alone. That feeling is known as Imposter Syndrome: a belief that your success is just down to luck, and that pretty soon, everyone’s going to sniff you out as a chancer. It's the real deal, and affects more of us than you probably think.


We surveyed women in the UK to find out if they had ever experienced Imposter Syndrome, & of those who responded a massive 90% said yes. Some experienced it just once, for others it has returned again and again, all the way through their career.


The symptoms were different for all these women, but it had the same impact: it weakened their presence. They spoke up a little less, held back from sharing ideas, and shrank away from their genuine talent.


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