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Don't want to choose between volume and hold? A multi-tasking hair mousse can create brilliant body while securing your style. Say hello to your ultimate hair essential!

We'll level with you: hair mousse products are real problem-solvers. They’ll help you achieve unbeatable bounce and body whilst keeping your look confidently under control throughout the challenges of the day.

And what's more, for those who find fine, thin hair a struggle, you'll be pleased to hear that TRESemmé have the best volumising mousse for your hair. Did you know it swells when styled with heat, helping to create fuller-looking locks?

Whether you're after all-over volume, natural movement, frizz control or definition for curls, discover a TRESemmé mousse made for your every hair need.

Lightweight yet powerful, each product is expertly formulated to work with your style without leaving stickiness or that dreaded crunch.

There isn't enough time in the day to worry about your hair. Choose the right mousse for your locks and enjoy beautiful body for runway-inspired styles that stay in place all day.

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