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TRESemmé Girlboss Rally - Justine Marjan & Valeisha Butterfield Jones

TRESemmé Partners & Girlboss Rally

What went down at our build the world forward panel

Back in June, we brought together 3 visionary women to glean how they built businesses and careers that made real-deal change in the world.  Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, Global Head of Inclusion at Google Valeisha Butterfield Jones, and rap artist Neelam Hakeem took to the stage to share their unique experiences that we can all learn from.  See our favorite takeaways, below.

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    Neelam Hakeem against a yellow background

    On self-acceptance:

    “When we are who we really are, it’s a superpower.” -Valeisha Butterfield Jones

    “Look yourself in the mirror every day and say ‘I am dope.’” -Neelam Hakeem

    “I have some level of success. But I’m still asked to get the coffee sometimes.” -Valeisha Butterfield Jones

    “I am never begging someone to accept me.” -Neelam Hakeem

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    Jusine Marjan against a row of purple lockers

    On inclusion:

    “I’m challenging the norm because representation matters.” -Neelam Hakeem

    “When you can, hire women.” Justine Marjan

    “Once you get a seat at the table, if you’re not bringing in other women then you’re not doing your job.” -Valeisha Butterfield Jones

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    Valeisha Butterfield Jones in front of a Girlboss logo

    On finding your purpose:

    “I was stressed out because I wasn’t living in my purpose. I had to move beyond that to thrive. ” -Valeisha Butterfield Jones

    “Fear is never a good enough reason to hold yourself back from something.” -Justine Marjan

    “Finding your purpose is half the battle. Staying true to your power is the real test.” -Valeisha Butterfield Jones