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At home look: how to create beautiful boho waves

    Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home: Boho Waves

    Want to create beautiful boho waves at-home for your next virtual date or meeting? When there’s a will, there’s a way! This is a fun and easy hairstyle that’s incredibly chic and versatile. There is one very big secret to natural boho waves: texture. Forget a sleek and silky mane, boho waves are tousled and messy. If you have super-straight locks, your hair routine needs to add some serious texture to your strands before you begin to style. Luckily for us, professional hair stylist Jeanie Syfu has a bagful of tips on how to expertly fake that sun-and-salt texture.

    Jeanie uses the TRESemmé Pro Pure Collection and Compressed Micro Mist to perfect a long-lasting boho look, which will keep you feeling hair confident from day to night. Here’s how to create carefree-looking waves from the comfort of your own home – in just 10 easy steps.

    Tools needed to achieve the look: Blow dryer, medium-size round brush, curling wand and relaxed vibes.

    Step 1: Prep your hair for styling. Wash it with

    Pro Pure Light Moisture Shampoo for a thorough cleanse. Then rinse. Apply the conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends, combing through from root to tips. Leave 2-3 minutes for the formulation to help moisturize and add texture to your hair, then rinse well.

    Step 2: With damp hair, we’re ready to begin styling. Blot away any excess water from your hair. Then, liberally spritz

    Pro Pure Invisible Styler from roots to tips. Formulated without sulfates, parabens, or dyes, this product helps your hair pump up the volume anytime you need a boost.

    Step 3: Flip your hair over (head down) and roughly blow-dry your hair on high heat, combing through with your fingers. Now take the round brush and fully dry your hair, without making a parting. Tip: A ceramic or metal brush will help your hair to hold the volume from the dryer better.

    Step 4: Section your hair and, holding the curling wand vertically, wrap each section round the barrel. Make sure that you’re wrapping away from your face. Tip: As you curl each section round the barrel, flick your wrist. This makes the waves look more natural.

    Step 5: Once you’ve finished the last section, rake your fingers through the curls (don’t use a brush). Finish with a light mist of

    Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Boost . The ultra-fine formulation helps to provide long-lasting control for your gorgeously undone look.

    And that’s it! Watch the video to help you perfect the look with the TRESemmé Pro Pure collection and Micro Mist.