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How to do a wet hair look for a slick and glassy style

  • Creating the wet hair look: the basics
  • How to do the wet hair look for curly hair
Model sporting a wet hair look for New Year's Eve

The wet look is a trendy style that’s sure to turn heads. A daring, sultry look that’s as striking poolside as on a big night out, the wet look hairstyle can be spotted on A-listers from Beyoncé to the Hadids.

This style is relatively quick and easy to achieve and, even better, doesn’t require any heat styling. What’s more, it’s versatile enough for any hair type and texture. So let’s get started – here’s how to do a wet hair look worthy of the red carpet.

Creating the wet hair look: the basics

Damp, not wet

You might think that, for the wet hair look, you need to start with soaking wet hair. Nope. In fact, applying products like gel and hair cream to wet hair will prevent your hair from absorbing the products. Instead, wait until your hair’s about halfway dry before reaching for the products.

Mix your products

The products you need for a wet hair look are hair gel and hair cream. You’ll want to use both in combination to create a wet hair look that lasts. Using gel without cream will leave your hair crunchy; cream alone will leave it greasy. Use TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel and TRESemmé One Step Smooth 5-in-1 Smoothing Cream, mixing them together. The amount you’ll need will depend on your hair texture and length, but don’t go overboard. Too much will make your hair sticky and clumpy, so start with a small amount and build up as needed.

Slather and comb

Slather your hair with your gel/cream mix. If you have thick or long hair, it may be a good idea to divide your hair into sections, horizontally from ear to ear. This will ensure you get full coverage for your wet look style.

Comb your gel/cream mixture through your hair. If you have short hair, apply product from root to tip; for long hair, apply from the roots to mid-lengths.

Where should you part your wet look hair? You can either opt for slicked-back, doing away with a part altogether, or a bold side part. Slicked-back wet look hair gives a bit of a rockabilly vibe, whereas the side part is a lovely androgynous look that’s both glam and boyish.

The wet look finish

Once you’re done with the gel/cream, spritz with TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Oil which, along with its repairing properties, will enhance the smoothness and shine of your wet look style. For the finishing touch, a good spray of TRESemmé TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray, will hold your wet look in place and prevent frizz from messing with your slick style.

How to do the wet hair look for curly hair

The wet look hairstyle looks fantastic on curly hair. It can be achieved by following the steps above, albeit with a small adjustment. Rather than using a comb, use your fingers and scrunch upwards to enhance and define your curls.

If you’re working with textured natural hair, we recommend blow-drying it straight with a paddle brush, back from your face, before sectioning out and applying product. Add bobby pins behind the ears and a good hair oil to finish.