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3 hair-brained myths everyone thinks are true

3 hair-brained myths everyone thinks are true

Have you heard that when you pull out a single strand of grey hair, many more will grow back? This is simply not true! If that doesn’t blow your hair back keep reading…


Myth # 1 Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

Regular trims can improve the look and feel of your locks but, in fact, cutting your hair has absolutely no effect on the hair follicle which is what determines how fast your hair grows. Hair growth depends on a few key factors, for one, your general health. The rest of your body has a huge impact on how fast your hair grows.

A diet rich in vitamin C, zinc, biotin and iron is what you need to nourish your precious strands. Besides your overall health, the condition of your scalp health is also important. It is therefore important that you use a shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp followed by a nourishing conditioner to moisturise your scalp and hair. 


Myth # 2 Your hair gets used to a shampoo

Sorry, but this just isn’t true. Unfortunately, your hair is just not that smart. If the shampoo you are using no longer gives you the result you want, it could mean that your hair's needs have changed.Factors like a change in the weather, recent hair colouring, the heat of your blow drier or straightening tongs, or even a change in your hormones can alter the condition of your hair. These are more likely reasons your hair doesn’t look and feel like it used to after shampooing.


Myth # 3 You don’t really need a conditioner 

When you wash your face with a cleanser, you replenish lost moisture by applying a moisturiser suited to your skin. Right? Similarly, shampoo removes accumulated oils from the scalp and hair, and conditioner supplies you tresses with much-needed moisture and nourishment. So, for healthy hair, it’s best to moisurise every time you wash. 


It is important  to choose a conditioner based on the texture of our hair. If you have thin or fine hair consider a volumizing conditioner.  And if you have thick or coarse hair, choose a deep conditioner. The type of formula you choose can drastically change you’re the appearance and condition of your hair. Choose the perfect conditioner for your hair type from our nourishing range of TRESemme conditioners. We’re sure you’ll be blown away!