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Close up of a model having a section of her hair curled with tongs.

How to take care of curly hair


You may be the envy of those with limp, straight hair, but your curly tresses don’t always make life easy – if humidity isn’t messing with your style, then dryness is making your hair feel coarse and brittle. Luckily, we've got six easy fixes for how to take care of curly hair. 


1. Use a targeted shampoo


The ends of curly hair tend to dry out quickly. So, whether you're washing your hair once or a few of times a week, you want a shampoo that doesn’t dry your strands out even more. TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo targets the driest parts of your hair with an advanced formulation, leaving you with hair ready to be styled into flawless curls.


2. Don’t roughhouse your hair


Aggressive toweling can turn wet curls into a frizzy nightmare, so always use a soft touch when your hair is wet. Press excess water out and gently scrunch hair with a towel – don’t rub as the friction can cause hair strands to break. To limit further damage, take a gentle approach to brushing and combing wet hair, since your strands are weakest when wet. It may sound strange, but combing from the bottom of your hair and moving upwards in small sections is far kinder to your locks and makes it easier to detangle stubborn sections.


3. Diffusers are a curly girl's best friend


Air drying curly hair can lead to a whole head load of frizz if not done properly. That's where the diffuser comes in. These blow dryer attachments help minimize frizz whilst giving a boost to curls that may lay flat because of your hair's weight and length. As with any heat styling treatment, it's a good idea to use the TRESemmé Heat Defense Spray first to help minimize the damage hot temperatures can cause. Get ready to reveal beautiful, bouncy curls that are full of body!


4. Use hair gel


Curly girls, we know you want those ringlets smooth and defined without that stiff and sticky feeling. The solution? Use a lightweight styling gel or serum to help you create manageable, clearly defined curls without crunchy residue or drying effects. 


5. Extra care for colored curls 


Color tints on curly hair look fabulous, but they do involve a little more care. If your colored curls are feeling particularly dry, give them a dose of TLC with a deep conditioning like the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment once a week, as well as a hair oil applied through the lengths and ends to deliver intense nourishment. Your curls will be moisturized, manageable, and healthy-looking!


6. Go gentle on dry curls


Your natural curls are beautiful but fragile. Hair elastics can pull and stretch them (never mind getting tangled and causing breakage), so avoid wrapping them around your hair so tightly. It's also much kinder to scrunch and define dry curls using your fingers and a little styling product – not only does this help reduce damage, it also helps limit frizz that brushing can cause.


So, if it sometimes feels like a real headscratcher figuring out how to keep curls frizz-free and fabulous, these tips will help you know how to take care of curly hair without fuss.