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Purple Toning

It’s never been easier to achieve light and bright blonde hair. Enriched with Purple Pigment and Coconut Oil, the new TREsemmé Purple Toning 3-step range removes brassiness and yellow tones for beautiful blonde results.

Settle for nothing less than salon-quality blonde with the new 3-step TREsemmé Purple Toning routine. The combined wonder ingredients of Purple Pigment and Coconut Oil brightens blonde hair, removes brassy & yellow tones while nourishing oil rehydrates dry hair. 

Step 1: use TREsemmé Purple Toning Shampoo to remove brassiness and yellow tones. Step 2: follow up with TREsemmé Purple Toning Conditioner to rehydrate and nourish coloured hair. Step 3: finish with TREsemmé Purple Toning Mask to moisturise and replenish dry, bleached hair.

Lighter, brighter blonde is a finger click away. For the best results, use the full 3-step TREsemmé Purple Toning range.

The new TREsemmé Purple Toning regimen helps you achieve beautiful blonde in three simple steps and is packed with two power ingredients. Purple Pigment is a wonder formula used to colour-correct brassy yellow tones, resulting in a vibrant, bright blonde. And Coconut Oil helps replenish and rehydrat edry hair caused by excessive bleaching or sun exposure. Best-ever blonde? You bet. Free from sulphates, parabens and alcohol.

  • Purple Toning Mask

  • Purple Toning Shampoo

  • Purple Toning Conditioner