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A model has her curly hair worked on by two stylists using heat tongs and other styling tools.

Curly & wavy hair

Don’t let your curly hair dictate your style direction – own it! If you're blessed with nature’s bounciest locks, take control with products designed to define your waves and create the curls you crave.

As curly hair girls know, it can be hard to keep those curls moisturised and defined. The solution? Reach for curly hair products specifically designed to tame frizz, strengthen strands and keep those curls bouncy and visible. 

But curls, just like the girls that wear them, come in all shapes and sizes. If your hair is a little more bouncy and wavy rather than corkscrew curly, the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done collection, enriched with Sea Kelp extract, can help create and maintain that beautiful bounce. 

Curly hair care? Done – without the drama.