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hair detox at home

Detox at Home with the treatment for Hair Nourishment

We all love to have a healthy and nourished salon hair, which is why we often use different hair products that claim to make our tresses soft, smooth, and beautiful. However, we are forgetting that by using these products, we are also subjecting our hair to “stress” that can cause drying and damage. Just like our skin, our tresses also need some “down time” to allow it to recover and protect it from damage. Read on to know more about hair detoxification and how to do it at home with the treatment for hair nourishment from our favorite celebrity hairstylist, Lourd Ramos!

Why go for a hair detox?

With all the styling products we use on our hair daily, we are unconsciously subjecting our hair to a lot of stress. Add to that the pollution that causes hair fall and makes hair unmanageable as well as our unhealthy diet and lifestyle. All these can cause damage and weakened hair, making it necessary for you to have a regular hair detoxification or a salon treatment for dry hair. And if you have colored hair, you need to also have colored hair treatment at home to restore your hair’s health. There are many hair detox products and hair detox diy available in the market.

Lourd Ramos’ tips for hair detoxification at home using a treatment for hair nourishment

A common mistake we make is thinking that a hair detox can only happen when we go to the salon. Fortunately, it can be done in the comfort of your own home anytime. In fact, you can already do your own hair treatment for bleached hair at home. Here are some hair detox tips from Lourd.

1. Allow for proper spacing between hair coloring or styling treatments

Although the recommended exact interval between hair coloring and styling treatments is not defined, one thing remains certain—too much processing of your hair can cause damage. Using permanent dyes or bleaching your hair with a blonde hair dye can expose your hair’s cortex, making it more prone to breakage. Though many hair treatment products are perfectly safe for use, overusing these can still cause damage.

2. Exercise care when heat-styling

Don’t we all love the feeling of our hair after heat-styling it? It’s softer, smoother, and shinier. Unfortunately, extreme heat can dry out your strands and ultimately lead to hair fall due to breakage.

If you cannot skip heat-styling, there are hair products you can use that protect your strands from extreme heat such as TRESemmé Keratin Flat Iron Spray. It works like your skin’s sunblock to keep it from getting damaged.

3. Use a detoxifying shampoo

According to Lourd, the most important product for hair would be the shampoo. You should go for one that is gentle and free from dyes and parabens but has ingredients for nourishing hair such as green tea and ginger. He highly recommends using TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo because it has these antioxidants that nourish hair by working deep to cleanse and replenish your hair’s lost nutrients. It is also free from dyes and parabens, allowing you to have runway-standard hair every day. 

Detox hair with TRESemme’s best hair detox shampoo–only with TRESemme’s best detoxifying shampoo.

Hair detoxification should not end when you step out of the shower. It should be a lifestyle we all should adopt for healthy and shiny hair.


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