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The At-Home Routine that Uses Professional Hair Salon Products for Salon Hair Care

We’re all used to thinking that achieving salon hair care is only possible by going to the salon. The kind of pampering we get after a shampoo and blow-dry session can be transformative and make us feel beautiful. However, making too many frequent visits to the salon can be expensive and impractical. 

Fortunately, you can now achieve salon hair care if you start using the best salon hair products. Incorporate the right salon shampoo brands and other professional hair care products into your daily routine and watch as your hair’s health improves, leaving you with a sense of confidence. 

How to Achieve Salon Hair Care at Home

Salon products are not like your regular shampoo and conditioner. These have premium formulations that intensely nourish and care for your hair without weighing hair down. By choosing the right products, your hair will feel like a stylist has just done their magic on your tresses.

If you’re ready to achieve salon-quality hair, follow these steps using our professional products at home. 

  • 01
    Wash Hair with a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

    STEP 1:

    Choose a Professional Quality Shampoo

    Using the right shampoo is important not only to wash the hair but also to achieve your desired look and hairstyle. However, you just can’t use any ordinary shampoo. Choose salon shampoo brands because of their premium formulation that is designed to not just wash hair but also make it shiny and healthy. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Hair Shampoo can turn frizzy hair into nourished hair with every wash. TRESemmé Keratin shampoo products are salon hair products that are expertly crafted with KERA10 Protein Complex to cleanse thoroughly and deeply penetrate into the core of dry and frizzy hair. 

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    Blow Dry Your Hair

    STEP 2:

    Invest in a Good Conditioner and a ‘Cold Rinse’

    It’s not enough that you use just shampoo because the surfactants that are found in them can strip your hair of its natural moisturizers. Adding a conditioner to your salon hair care routine can restore lost moisture and give you shiny and healthy hair. We recommend using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Conditioner because it gives you 10 salon benefits in one wash, including anti-frizz, anti-humidity, shine, softness, smoothness, heat protection, strength, and fragrance.

    As for rinsing your hair, give it a blast of cold water to effectively close your hair’s cuticle and help make it look shiny during the day.

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    Two stylists working on a model's hair with combs and straighteners

    STEP 3:

    Keep Hair Protected When Blow-Drying

    We know that blow-drying is one of our stylist’s most trusted tools to give us salon-beautiful hair. However, it can cause your hair to go dry when done too frequently. In case you really want that kind of soft and shiny hair, make sure to protect your tresses with the best salon hair products like a heat protectant spray. This can protect your hair for up to 230-degrees Celsius to keep it healthy. 

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    STEP 4:

    Add a Serum to Your Routine

    After blow-drying, give your hair more defined curls or simply make your strands shiny and sleek with a little bit of serum. Just apply a few drops and run your fingers through your hair to detangle knots, tame frizz, and keep your hair shiny and soft. Focus from the mid-length to the tips, especially on the tips as this is most prone to dryness.

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    STEP 5:

    Spritz with Hairspray to Hold Your Hairstyle

    If you want to keep your hairstyle in place the whole day, a spritz of a good hairspray like TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hair Spray can do the trick. It has a long-lasting, extra strong hold that lasts all day even in humid and damp conditions. 


So, you see? Achieving salon hair care at home is now possible with the right professional hair care products and salon hair products.



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