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Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment - The Only Keratin Shampoo You Need for Salon-Smooth Hair 

Experts always talk about keratin and how it can give you healthy, beautiful hair. So, let’s talk more about it here in this article. 

Keratin is the structural building block of our hair, nails, and skin. It is a protein that is used in many hair products to smoothen and make strands more shiny. More and more salons offer keratin treatments like a Brazilian blowout, which works by improving the hair’s shine and smoothness.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is done in the salon, which can take a bit of time. The stylist washes your hair and combs the treatment into your wet strands. After 30 minutes, the stylist washes your tresses and dries them. Then, they use the flat iron to seal in the treatment section by section. 

If you want to get this kind of salon treatment, you will need to set aside an entire day to ensure that you get the best benefits - smooth, shiny, and soft hair with less frizz.

However, it doesn’t come cheap and frequently visiting the salon can be impractical. Fortunately, you can now have the benefits of a keratin treatment in keratin shampoo and keratin conditioner products.

Enjoy Beautiful Hair at Home with Keratin

Thankfully, smooth and shiny hair is now within reach with our TRESemmé keratin shampoo and keratin conditioner.

1. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Kera10 Shampoo

You can now have smoother hair at home with this keratin shampoo that is expertly crafted with Kera10 Protein Complex. It nourishes and penetrates deep into the core of your hair to remove frizzy hair and give you 10 salon benefits in one wash.

2. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Kera10 Conditioner

After shampooing your hair, finish off with a good keratin conditioner that lets you say bye-bye to frizz and hello to smooth and shiny hair. Its 10 benefits include anti-frizz; detangling; strengthening, giving shine, softness, and smoothness; taming flyaways;  long-lasting fragrance; anti-humidity, and heat protection.

Now, you can enjoy salon-smooth hair in the comfort of your home with TRESemmé.


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