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Must-Try Hair Colors for a Stunning Makeover

Must-Try Hair Colors for a Stunning Makeover

Pinays may not be new to changing our hair color, but going out of the ordinary brown hair color is. Depending on one’s skin color, choosing bolder colors can mean empowerment, decisiveness, and a free spirit. It’s time to try hues like the different shades of blonde, platinum, and every other color in between just as you would the shades of brown. Ready to make that hair color change? Read on.

Beautiful Hair Color Choices 

1. Chocolate brown

    You may think this shade is ordinary, but we can’t deny how popular it is for many Filipinas. It’s a flattering brown hair color for the morena skin, making it a great choice if you are coloring your hair for the first time. 

2. Golden brown

Want a sun-kissed glow even if you haven’t gone to the beach? Go for this hair color and exude that beach vibe. 

3. Bronde

    Not ready to go all-out blonde? Go for bronde, as in brown + blonde. Because it combines two of the most popular hues for your hair, you get the effects of both worlds. Not to mention, it’s also flattering on all skin tones. 

4. Deep auburn

    This shade is not too loud but is a fresh change from the usual brown hair color. Leaning toward red, your skin tone will lighten a bit and give you a fresher look. 

5. Burgundy

    Combining red and brown, burgundy also has hints of purple that can be used as your new hair color or just as highlights. It’s a good start if you’re worried about your dark hair. 

6. Platinum blonde

    This is the hair color to try if you want to make a statement. It has a silvery blonde hue that’s going to give you a total makeover, plus heads turning toward your direction in admiration. 

7. Strawberry blonde

This shade is closer to red than it is to blonde, featuring some shades of copper and blonde tones. Exude the vibe of youth and quirkiness bleached hair.  

8. Caramel

    Though caramel can be worn as an entirely new hair color, it can also be worn as highlights that really look great on wavy hair because it gives it dimension and texture. 

9. Playground highlights

    This is another way to achieve a sun-kissed ‘do. The idea is using hair color that’s two shades lighter than your natural hue so that when sunlight hits your tresses, that color shines through.

10. Black hair

    Don’t ever think that black hair is out. It’s a classic and won’t ever go out of style. Just make it smooth with a good hair serum like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. It can give your hair a smooth, shiny, and silky finish to make it look like you just had a professional blow-dry.

When your hair starts to grow and your roots show, spray on Tresemme's NEW Root Touch-up Sprays in three shades–black, dark brown and light brown. Get instant root coverage with this new hair spray. With a lightweight formula, it dries in seconds and lasts until your next wash. 


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