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The Causes of Thinning Hair

Do you notice that your hair is getting thinner? This might cause you to feel concerned, but before you do anything, it’s important to know that hair fall of up to 150 strands a day is a natural part of the hair cycle. This shouldn’t make any noticeable difference in the appearance of your hair.

However, there may be bad hair habits that you are practicing, as well as health reasons, that may be causing you to shed more hair than usual. 

Let us help you take a closer look at what is fine hair and what causes hair thinning to help you choose the best fine hair treatment. 

What is Fine Hair?

Simply put, fine hair is when the diameter of your strands is smaller than usual. In effect, this gives you hair that appears to have lesser volume. From occurring in the area near the temples to affecting your entire hair, thin hair can happen at different points in our lives but most especially as we get older.

Interestingly, fine hair is not related to the rate at which your hair falls out. Unfortunately, even as this is the case, having fine hair often keeps us from achieving our desired hairstyle. But there’s good news because with the right fine hair treatment and hair care and styling routine, you can have your most desired volume and confidence. 

What Causes Hair to Go Thin?

Hair thinning can happen to any of us, especially as we age. However, if you feel like it’s not age-related, then we have rounded up the most common causes of hair thinning that you should be aware of.


If your parents have thin hair, there’s a big chance you’ll have it too. While you can’t change what’s in your genes, you can control your style and learn how to make thin hair look thicker with the right fine hair treatment.

Great help for thinning hair is to use TRESemmé Detox & Nourish. It’s a shampoo and conditioner duo that has green tea for treating dry, dull, thin, and brittle hair. Plus, it also has ginger that replenishes hair nourishment to make your dry and weak hair shiny and healthy.

Break Unhealthy Hair Habits

You may not really think of it but using poor-quality hair products, frequent use of heat-styling products, and lack of hair protection at night can cause your hair to go thin. It’s important to give your hair some ‘downtime’ to allow it to recuperate and recharge. Try to develop a healthy hair care routine.  Going for professional-quality hair products and fine hair treatment is the solution.

Poor Diet

This is another matter that many of us ignore. Unfortunately, the kind of diet we have doesn’t just impact our health, mood, and energy levels but also our hair. Knowing how to thicken thin hair means eating a balanced diet because it can prevent hair from losing its volume. Your diet should include meats, poultry, and fish as these are rich in protein, which your hair needs. There should also be iron, which you can find in green leafy vegetables, and omega 3, which you can get from mackerel, salmon, and other oily fish. A balanced diet, combined with healthy hair habits, can give you the voluminous hair that you’ve always wanted. 


Don’t be surprised to find stress as one of the causes of thinning hair. It slows down the hair growth cycle significantly causing your hair to go thin. Therefore, it’s important to deal with what’s causing your stress by seeing a physician or a mental health practitioner. Once the stress levels go down, your hair will start to grow again.

Knowing how to make thin hair look thicker is the beginning of having beautiful, voluminous hair. So go ahead and follow the abovementioned steps so you can have the hair you’ve always wanted.