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what is keratin shampoo

Keratin Shampoo: Why Should I Use It?

We’ve all heard about using keratin products for our hair, but what do we really know about it? Why are there keratin shampoo and conditioner products? Which keratin shampoo brands truly work? Actually, this protein is great for boosting your hair’s internal strength and resilience, especially when used as a keratin shampoo. 

So, if you’re looking for the best smoothing shampoo, read on and find out how to pick the best one.  

What is Keratin and its Benefits?

Keratin is a protein that is found in our body and is considered the ‘building blocks’ of our skin, hair, and nails. It can fortify the structure of your hair, which is why it is present in many shampoos. In fact, keratin can make your hair stronger and smoother.

What is Keratin Shampoo?

Regardless of the keratin shampoo brands, a keratin shampoo is not like your regular shampoo because it goes far and beyond what the latter can do. While it cleans the hair and rids it of buildup, a keratin smoothing shampoo strengthens the hair by fortifying the cuticles that form each hair shaft. And if you use a smoothing conditioner afterwards, you can have softer, smoother hair.

Why should you incorporate keratin shampoo and conditioner into your routine?

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    It Can Make Hair Stronger

    As mentioned, one of the benefits of using keratin is for strengthening the hair and making it more resilient. It supports your hair’s natural structure without weighing it down, so that you can grow your hair with the lesser chance of the strands breaking off. 

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    It Helps Prevent Color Fade

    Coloring your hair with any dye or bleaching it can be very damaging to your strands. When you wash your hair, you open up the cuticles and allow the pigment to seep out. As a result, your hair becomes dry and dull over time. 

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    It Tames Frizz

    Frizz and flyaways occur when hair is damaged. So, control frizz by moisturizing your hair. With the help of a keratin shampoo like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo, you’ll have more nourished hair because it penetrates up to the core of your strands to reveal healthier hair without the frizz.

Does TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Have Sulfates?

All the products in the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth range contain low amounts of sulfate, which makes them suitable and gentle to your hair.

How to Use a Keratin Shampoo?

Achieve smoother and healthier hair by incorporating keratin shampoo and conditioner into your hair care routine.

Why should you incorporate keratin shampoo and conditioner into your routine?

Step 1

Wet your hair thoroughly and apply your keratin shampoo. Use gentle massage strokes to evenly distribute the shampoo.

Step 2

Rinse your hair thoroughly and squeeze it to remove excess water and to ensure that all the shampoo has come out.

Step 3

Apply your keratin smoothing conditioner for extra nourishment.

Step 4

When it’s time to style your hair, you can use curling tongs or straighteners for added texture. However, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray prior to applying heat to protect your strands from damage.

And now that you know how keratin shampoo and conditioner can help make your hair softer and smoother, choose TRESemmé and get healthier hair.


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