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The Way to Choose the Right Shampoo for Colored Hair

If you have colored hair or color-treated hair, you need to give it the right protection. Can hair color damage your hair? Yes, it does, especially if you don’t know how to care for your tresses. Hair dye damage is now very common these days, which is why we want to help you understand how a shampoo for dyed hair can help keep your mane’s shine and vibrancy. Coloring your hair has a transformative power that boosts your confidence. However, the shine and life of your hair won’t stay the same for long if you use ordinary shampoo. Keep it looking rich and vibrant for longer by choosing the right colored hair treatment at home. Use a professional-quality color-safe shampoo.

Choosing the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Colored Hair

Time, water, and sulphates, which are found in regular shampoos, can cause hair color to fade.  This is why it’s important to use a shampoo for dyed hair and pair it off with a good conditioner. However, with numerous hair products available in the market today, we may not be able to choose the right shampoo for dyed hair. What ingredients should you be looking out for? Why is it important to use the best shampoo for dyed hair? 

Read on as we give you the four reasons why you should use a color protecting shampoo, regardless of the hair color for women you are using. Whether you have a chestnut brown hair color or any hair color for morena girls, color care starts with a good shampoo. 

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    Tresemme Color Radiance Salon Color Care

    Prevents fading

    Surely, you don’t want to color your hair just to see it fade in a few weeks. You need to use a professional-quality, color safe shampoo to help maintain its vibrancy for longer. We suggest using TRESEMMÉ COLOR RADIANCE SALON COLOR CARE SHAMPOO because it protects the hair’s surface to lock in color within hair fibers. It has Color Radiance Booster and Jojoba Oil to keep color up to 2x longer. Use it with the Color Radiance conditioner for best results.

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    Tresemme hair care

    Gentle on your tresses

    If you have colored your hair, you should already be aware by now that it can cause dry hair. However, you can address this by using formulated shampoo and conditioner to repair the damage caused by the chemicals found in hair colors. We recommend using TRESEMMÉ DETOX AND NOURISH NOURISHING SHAMPOO that has natural ingredients that make hair healthier and shinier because it has no parabens and dyes.


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    Anti Fade Expert Shampoo

    Makes hair shinier

    Colored hair can appear dull and lackluster because of the chemical ingredients found in hair dyes. This is all the more reason to use a shampoo for dyed hair because it is formulated with nutrients and special ingredients that give your hair a vibrant and glossy finish. Colored hair shampoo like the TRESEMMÉ BLONDE BRILLIANCE ANTI-FADE EXPERT SHAMPOO has purple shampoo formula that leaves behind purple pigments to counter the yellow shade and keep your hair from turning brassy.

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    colored hair

    Restores hair’s PH balance

    Yes, you need to maintain your hair’s PH balance to keep it healthy. Unfortunately, even our favorite hair colors can be very alkaline, which causes the cuticles to open up and make the strands dry. 

    Now that you know how important it is to use the best shampoo for dyed hair, make sure that you give your strands the TLC it deserves. 


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