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How to get beach-ready tousled hair

  • Start with dirty hair
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  • Take the heat
How to Get Perfectly Tousled Hair Texture

Beautiful textured hair is the ultimate summer style. Call it bed hair or beach waves – tousled hair gives you a natural, lightweight look all year round.

The secret of how to get tousled hair is down to a combination of the right products and the right technique. Luckily, both are easy to come by – and we’ve got the stylist-approved tips and tricks you need for perfectly tousled locks right here!

Start with dirty hair

When we say ‘dirty’, what we mean is ‘not freshly washed’. The tousled look works better with a day or two’s worth of natural oils in your hair. This will help the waves hold better.

If your hair’s looking a bit limp, a little dry shampoo to the roots will boost volume and help it feel a bit cleaner. Try TRESemmé Volume Clean Dry Shampoo, which is perfect for fine hair and certain to add volume to any hair type.


One of the best things about tousled hair is that it’s okay to be messy. In fact, it’s encouraged! This makes it particularly easy to achieve in a short time and with minimal heat styling.

Wash your hair the night before and go to sleep with it wet. Sleeping in a messy bun held with a soft scrunchie will reveal natural-looking tousled waves in the morning, as will securing your hair in pigtails before bedtime.

In the morning, release your hair from the bun or pigtails, and toss your hair back raking your fingers through the lengths to loosen the waves and make them look more natural. Then, spritz with TRESemmé One Step Texture 5-in-1 Mist, which adds perfectly tousled texture to your strands, while providing additional benefits – a matte finish, grip, strength, and heat protection.

Take the heat

If you have particularly thick hair, you may find that air-drying overnight is not enough to leave your hair fully dry come morning. Or, you may want a tousled look when you’ve just washed your hair. In either case, you’ll need your blow-dryer. And before you expose your hair to any heat styling, you’ll also need heat protectant spray.

TRESemmé One Step Texture 5-in-1 Mist can be used on wet or dry hair, and includes heat protection, so you can heat style and protect your locks from damage at the same time. And, of course, achieve the textured, tousled style you desire.

For tousled hair, blow-dry your hair roughly at the roots, and use a diffuser when drying through the lengths to encourage waves. Don’t use a brush while blow-drying this way, as that will straighten your hair. Simply rake your fingers through while drying to separate your strands and inject volume at the roots.

With your hair fully dry, it’s time to assess how tousled your hair looks. If your hair is naturally straight, you may find that those waves are still non-existent. Or, regardless of your hair type, it could just look frizzy and frightening! If this sounds like you, then it’s time to reach for the curling wand.

The tousled style is supposed to look undone and casual, so don’t go crazy with curling your entire head unless you’re dealing with pin-straight locks. Pick up small sections of hair, curling them in alternate directions. Allow your freshly-curled hair to cool before running your fingers through and shaking it out. Finally, use TRESemmé One Step Wave Spray to enhance those waves and give a soft, natural hold that’ll last all day.

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