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TRESemmé Color Radiance

Color Radiance

Made with Color Radiance Booster, its first-in-the-world technology makes colored hair last for up to 2x longer.

Say hello to lasting looks and hair that moves with our TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Sprays. No stiffness, all style. So you can work it.

Regular washing, especially with hot water, can strip hair of dye and natural oils, leading to dull color and dry hair. Use your colored locks’ new holy grail: TRESemmé Color Radiance Collection with Color Radiance Booster. It makes your hair color last for up to 2x longer, making it the ultimate shampoo for colored hair.

Specially formulated with Color Radiance Booster & Jojoba Oil, TRESemmé Pro-Color Collection protects the hair surface to help lock in color within hair fibers, preventing color fade for up to 2x longer-lasting color.* The deeply nourishing formula keeps colored hair smooth and radiant. Suitable for daily use. *with regular system use, vs. other TRESemmé system