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conditioner for colour treated hair

Why Should You Use a Conditioner for Dyed Hair?

It’s not always easy to keep your colored hair glossy and shiny. However, with TRESemmé’s professional quality products, you can be closer to achieving this. So, read on and find out why it’s super important to use conditioner for colored hair when you want to manage and maintain your color-treated tresses. 

Whether you go to the salon to get your hair color done or opt for the DIY process at home, changing your hair’s hue is definitely a game changer. However, as much as it gives you a transformation, it can open up your hair’s cuticle and make it prone to damage and dryness. This makes using a good hair conditioner for dyed hair extremely important.

What can you get from using a conditioner for colored hair?

It’s important to use the best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. But even just the best conditioner for bleached hair can already do wonders for your mane. When used at the right intervals, it can help keep your hair vibrant for weeks. After all, you wouldn’t want to just lose your hair’s unique hue after just a few washes, would you?

So, here are the things that you can get from using a conditioner for colored hair.

It keeps color locked in and enhances vibrancy

Taking a warm shower can be relaxing after a tiring day. Unfortunately, it’s not as good for your hair because warm water can open up your cuticles and allow your hair color to seep out. As a result, it will start to look dull even after just a few washings. So, we recommend a good shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, TRESemmé Color Radiance Salon Color Care Shampoo and Color Radiance Conditioner. It’s the duo that can make your hair color last for up to 2x longer thanks to its Color Radiance Booster and Jojoba Oil. It protects the hair surface and locks in color within hair fibers to keep hair color from fading.

conditioner for colored hair

It protects colored hair from further damage

In case you don’t know already, your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. It can even become more vulnerable when coupled with hair coloring. Use TRESemmés Blonde Brilliance collection that has purple shampoo formula to keep hair from turning brassy as well as jojoba oil to keep it soft and moisturized. This is another great color protect shampoo and conditioner for colored hair pair from TRESemmé. 

It repairs the existing damage to colored hair

Coloring your hair frequently can definitely cause brittleness and frizzy hair. Good thing, there is a solution to such a problem, which is a good conditioner for colored hair that is infused with keratin. We recommend TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner with KERA10 Protein Complex because it deeply penetrates to nourish frizzy hair. It deeply penetrates into the hair’s core to give you 10 salon benefits in one wash. 

It can boost softness and shine

If you’ve always wondered how to make colored hair soft and silky, then, here’s the answer. Protect your hair cuticle every time you wash it so that it doesn’t have a straw-like texture. This makes it even more important to use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair to leave it looking and feeling fresh every day. A good conditioner for dyed hair has special oils to keep it nourished and healthy. 

Now that you’re already aware of the benefits that a good conditioner for colored hair can do for you, choose the right name. Choose TRESemmé.