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Hair Color for morena skin

Hair Color: Choose This Hair Color for Morena Skin 

Get the best colored hair look with this hair color for morena skin

A lot of us love to change our hair color not just to look better but also for self-expression. However, if we don’t choose the right hues, we might not end up with our desired results. Coloring one’s hair involves knowing your skin color and making sure that your chosen shade matches and accentuates that. But often, this is easier said than done. 

Morena skin is what most Filipinas have. So, let us help you choose the right hair color for morena skin. Read on.

How to Choose the Hair Color for Morena Skin

Not a lot of people know that your skin’s undertone is an important factor in choosing your ideal hair color. 

If you’re ready to achieve salon-quality hair, follow these steps using our professional products at home. 

1. Yes, you can go blonde

If you have morena skin, you may have already been told that going blonde or anything light won’t work for you - that you should just stick to dark brown. Ditch that idea because you can certainly go for ash blonde, ash gray, and bronde (brown + blonde) if you want. Remember that warm and cool shades both complement your dusky skin tone’s glow.

2. Consider the veins on your wrist

You may not have heard this before, but the color of the veins on your wrist can tell you which hair color matches your skin tone. If your veins are green, your undertone is warm. On the other hand, bluish veins mean a cool undertone. 

A warm undertone suits colors like honey blonde, auburn, and cinnamon brown. For a cool undertone, ash blonde, platinum blonde, and rose gold are perfect for you. This leads us to bluish-green veins going well with a mix of warm and cool hair colors. 

And when you have colored hair, make sure to take care of it by using the right colored hair shampoo. TRESemmé Blonde Brilliance keeps your hair color from going brassy with its anti-fade technology and purple formula to make hair look vibrant and shiny for longer. Try the shampoo and conditioner today for beautiful, colored hair.


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