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Level Up Your Colored Hair

Level Up Your Colored Hair With Suyen's Mix-and-Match Tips

Colored hair has become a natural part of looking beautiful. We used to believe that chemically-treating our hair can cause dry tresses, breakage, and damage. Thankfully, many of the hair treatment products and dyes available in the market today are proven safe for use, allowing us to choose the color we want at the right interval times as well as mix and match different colors to level up our colored hair. Interested? Learn more from no less than our celebrity hairstylist, Suyen.

Introducing the hair color wheel

The hair color wheel is exactly the same color wheel we were introduced to in school, and it offers great help in choosing the exact hair color we want. Apparently, choosing the right shade for colored hair is not as easy as 1-2-3, especially when the color inspiration we have is achieved by putting together two different shades.

The following are some basic facts about the hair color wheel that we need to understand.

· Each color in the wheel has a relationship with every other color

· The primary colors are red, blue, and yellow; while the secondary colors are green (yellow + blue), violet (blue + red), and orange (red + yellow)

· The colors are further grouped into warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and cool colors (blue, green, and violet).

What is the hair color level system?

The hair color level system helps you better pinpoint the exact shades of light and dark hair so that you will know which level your hair currently sits on. Therefore, it can help you determine the best shade of hair color to use to get the desired result.

· The hair color level system can tell if your hair is on the dark or light side, labeled 1-10 with 10 being the lightest

· Asian hair is generally a level 1, and your end result when bleaching should be level 10

· One bleaching session can bring your hair color to a level 7 or 8

· To achieve level 10, you need more than one bleaching session

Suyen’s tips on mixing and matching hair colors

Mixing hair colors gives you the freedom to be creative in expressing your hair statement. Achieve the look with Suyen’s tips below:

1. Choose a base color that decides how light or dark you want your colored hair to be. Having a base color is recommended, especially if you have dark brown or black hair that you want to change to something lighter.

2. Use ½ and ½ of each color. Using equal parts of hair color can enhance its even distribution on your hair.

3. Go back to the hair color level system. Make sure to mix shades that are no more than 2-3 shades lighter or darker than each other.

4. Check for cool and warm colors. Never mix cool and dark colors together.

5. Use a tint brush for mixing. Mix the hair colors with a tint brush until you achieve a smooth consistency.

After coloring your hair, Suyen recommends using shampoo for colored hair like TRESemmé Pro-Color Series because it is formulated to care for colored hair. TRESemmé Blonde Brilliance Shampoo & Conditioner is great for keeping blonde hair vibrant and prevents it from turning brassy. TRESemmé Color Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner also locks in color within the hair fibers so you can keep your color for longer. TRESemmé Blonde Brilliance has Purple Shampoo Formula and Jojoba Oil to neutralize brassy hues and help preserve your blonde hair for longer.

But what if you hair starts to grow and your roots show? Worry not because with the TRESemme Root Touch Up Spray for Black Hair, you can get an instant touch up to cover the roots and grays. With an easy spray, enjoy beautifully colored hair you’ll love.

Now, it’s time to conquer the world with your colored hair that lasts 2x longer!


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