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Use a Colored Hair Shampoo for Long-Lasting Hair Color 

Changing our hair color every now and then is fun. We enjoy the look the first few weeks, but we start to see some not-so-welcome changes, especially if we don’t know how to take care of colored hair. Remember that with each shower you take, some pigments from your hair color are washed off and that bleaching your hair can cause damage. Therefore, it’s important to use the right products such as the right color protect shampoo for colored hair that is also hair nourishing at the same time. 

Why use a color protect shampoo?

One of the things you need to understand before coloring your hair is that you just can’t use any regular shampoo. Shampoo for colored hair prevents color from fading while gently moisturizing the strands to prevent further damage. These are mostly sulfate-free to keep strands from turning brassy, especially when paired with a good colored hair treatment.

What shampoo for colored hair can you use?

1.  TRESemme Blonde Brilliance Anti-Fade Color Shampoo

Use this anti-fade shampoo to prevent your blonde hair from turning brassy. It helps maintain a nice ashy tone that remains vibrant thanks to its purple shampoo formula that leaves behind purple pigments with every wash. Asking why it’s purple? It’s simply because purple and yellow (the color your hair can easily turn into) are opposites on the color wheel. Therefore, purple cancels out yellow to prevent your colored hair from turning brassy. Plus, TRESemme Blonde Brilliance Anti-Fade Color Shampoo is infused with Jojoba oil for smoothness, making it hair nourishing.

2. TRESemme Color Radiance Salon Color Care Shampoo

If you have highlighted hair that is losing its luster, then go for this TRESemme shampoo for colored hair. It’s the color protect shampoo with anti-fade technology that pumps up your hair color to make it last up to 2x longer. You won’t have to go to the salon for another touch up because it locks in color within hair fibers. With this subtle color enhancing effect, no one will ever think that your hair color’s been there for a few months now.

Pair these shampoo with the best color protect conditioners

It’s not enough that you use a hair nourishing shampoo for colored hair, as you should also pair it with the best color protect conditioners. TRESemme has Blonde Brilliance Salon Color Conditioner and Color Radiance Conditioner. Blonde Brilliance has Purple conditioner formula and Jojoba oil for bleached hair, while Color Radiance helps make hair color last up to 2x longer, making it the best colored hair treatment.

So, if you’re thinking of coloring your hair for the first or nth time, worry no more and just let the TRESemme shampoo and conditioners do their job. 


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