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balayage hair

Make your Balayage Hair Color Last with These Tips and TRESemmé Color Radiance

Dying to get balayage hair? Now, you can do that with TRESemmé Color Radiance

Women have been changing their hair color for decades, but the most recent trend that’s been making waves is the balayage hair color. What makes it a great option for women who love to change their look is that it’s low-maintenance because it only mimics how the sun lightens the hair’s color over time. 

The name balayage means ‘to sweep’. So, instead of traditionally wrapping chunks of your hair in tin foil, the stylist hand-paints the color onto the hair. And since the color is not applied from the roots, hair growth is barely noticeable and the color blends well with the hair. 

How to Take Care of Balayage Hair Color

Though the balayage hair color is low-maintenance, care is still required. So, here are the ways to ensure that your hair color remains amazing over time. 

1. Refrain from washing your hair daily

This is another easier-said-than-done recommendation, especially for those who live in tropical climates. The humidity can make it almost impossible to skip washing hair everyday. But, if you want your balayage hair color to stay vibrant, then, you’ve got to just do it.

2. Never do it yourself

Never be tempted to retouch your hair by yourself. Though it may look easy, stylists went through training to achieve your desired results. It’s a bespoke technique because it lets the stylist apply the color in a way that can flatter one’s face shape, hair type, and skin tone.

So, drop the hair color and applicator and just leave it to the experts.

3. Use products designed for hair color

Your hair color can turn brassy without the proper care. And to care for it, you need to use the right products for colored hair like TRESemmé Color Radiance. Unilever Research and Development says that the combination of hair damage and water can greatly cause hair color to fade. TRESemmé Color Radiance has Color Radiance Booster and Jojoba Oil that make hair color last up to 2x longer. It helps lock in color within hair fibers to prevent hair color from fading and to keep colored hair smooth and radiant. 

4. Use a hair conditioner

Regardless of the kind of shampoo you use, a conditioner should always be a part of your shower routine. TRESemmé Color Radiance Conditioner does not only prevent hair color from fading, but it also gives you smooth and shiny hair every day.

So, don’t be afraid to try the balayage hair color with TRESemmé Color Radiance.


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