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TRESemmé is leading the way on making black plastic recyclable

Restyled for the Planet


Beyond Hair

We all know that hair is one of the most powerful self-confidence tools. Great hair makes us feel confident and in control. Most importantly, hair helps us to put our best self forward. Because of this, TRESemmé is committed to continuously improving our formulas and creating new products for all hair types and needs.

As a global haircare brand, we admit that even with all of the confidence looking our best can bring, hair only gets you so far. We have a responsibility to go beyond just hair and that is why we are committed to increasing our positive social impact by supporting women’s professional ambitions and equipping them with the tools they need to not only look their best, but to speak, act and engage in their life with a true sense of presence.

We are also committed to improving the sustainability of our products and are on a journey to towards reducing our environmental footprint, to minimize our impact on the planet.

By seeking to improve both societal and environmental pressures that exist today, we hope to positively impact the lives of the people who buy our products as well as the wider world.

The Plastic Issue

Plastic waste is a huge global environmental challenge.

Non-recyclable plastic is a big part of this challenge.  At best, it is downcycled, ends up in landfill or gets incinerated; all of which are huge areas of concern.  At worst, it contributes to pollution of the oceans.

TRESemmé is famous for its black bottle. Most black plastic is coloured using carbon black pigment.  This pigment prevents the pack being detected at the recycling plant, which means it could end up in landfill or incinerated rather than being recycled. 

TRESemmé bottles now ‘Restyled for the Planet’

TRESemmé has responded to this challenge by pioneering the development of a new detectable black pigment for our High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles – so they can now be detected by recycling plant scanners, with minor adjustments at the material recycling facilities, sorted and recycled, avoiding landfill.

Put simply, the brand is leading the way on making black plastic detectable and thus recyclable, to form a closed loop and drive a circular economy.

As a brand that is known for its iconic black bottles, TRESemmé can also make use of coloured recycled plastic, which is abundant and yet less utilised in the industry.  This means that TRESemmé is also providing a home for waste materials which would have otherwise gone into landfill.

In 2020, most of our TRESemmé bottles in Europe will be recyclable and made with recycled plastic.* Our ambition for the future is for all TRESemmé bottles to be made this way.

*Excluding caps, which are currently recyclable but not made with recycled plastic. Our ambition is for these to also be made with recycled plastic in the future.

Tresemme Recycling Process