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A smiling woman running her hands through her thick brown hair.

Clean and Natural

Is your hair tame and it doesn’t give you any particular problems or challenges? You are really lucky! Hair that need no maintenance is a gift from heaven, but still your hair deserves attentive care so it can keep its healthy, brilliant look.

The Clean & Natural gentle Shampoo and Conditioner by TRESemmé® provide gentle hydration to your hair, to keep them moisturized and soft, which brings out their natural brilliance.

A lighter shampoo with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, formulated to hydrate your hair without leaving residue or deposits. Thanks to stylist quality shampoo, your hair is soft, brilliant, and radiant. The conditioner contains Vitamins C and E, and it hydrates your hair gently without leaving behind residues or deposits. A conditioner for types of hair that need very little care, for soft, brilliant, radiant hair.

Our products

  • Clean & Natural Shampoo for Dry Hair

  • Clean & Natural Conditioner for Dry Hair