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Leave-in conditioners are a quick and easy way to enjoy a moisturized hair. So, if you struggle to detangle your strands straight out of the shower, consider this your solution!


Frizz, dryness, split ends and breakage are all common hair problems. Luckily, a good leave-in conditioner can help to hydrate your hair and make your hair more manageable. Plus, a quick spritz post-shower will also make your strands easier detangle, meaning no more battles with the brush after every wash.


Unlike regular conditioners, leave-in conditioners, like the name suggests, are designed to be left on hair after washing to deliver extra nourishment and prepare hair for styling. They're especially good for dry and damaged hair as an extra dose of TLC, as well as strands that are prone to easy tangling.


Try TRESemmé Renewal Hair and Scalp Leave-In Conditioner, infused with tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil, to help repair the scalp at the surface cellular level, for soft, shiny hair that look healthy and are ready to style. 

Consider a leave-in conditioner an extra shot of care to your regular hair routine for gorgeous, eye-catching hair. Silky finish with enviable shine? Yes, please!

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