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Woman applying treatment into hair

Other Hair Treatments

Looking for a little extra luxury? Treat your hair to a pampering session at home with a professional hair treatment. Masks, oils, mists: pick your weapon and welcome beautiful, vibrant hair!

Life may not always run smoothly, but your hair care routine should. If you find your hair is dry and damaged, or in need of extra nourishment, try a hair mask. These intensive hair treatments help deliver serious moisture to dehydrated strands, while helping to fight frizz for smooth, soft, shiny strands.


Hair oils are another dose of luxury for your hair. With moisturizing properties that penetrate the hair strand from deep within, not only do oil treatments hydrate dry hair, they help smooth hair for a vibrant finish.


Want a helping hand to detangle wet strands? Try a leave-on conditioning mist to help comb through knots. The TRESemmé Botanique Nourish and Replenish Hydrating Mist gives lightweight hydration to condition hair and prepares them for styling. What's more, the TRESemmé Botanique collection combines the power of botanical ingredients with professional formulas to help release your hair’s natural beauty.

Ready to indulge in a hair treatment? Your vibrant, eye-catching hair will thank you later.

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