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how to master effortlessly cool beachy waves

The effortless beach look is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. The last few years have been all about tousled, messy, deliberately dishevelled hair, and nothing embodies this better than beachy waves. Mastering this undone look means that even in the gloomiest of winter weather, your hair can still bring summer vibes to your day!


Loved both on and off the runway, although it’s a boho-inspired look at heart, the beachy wave can complement almost any outfit - from a classic staple t-shirt, to dressing down a snappy trouser suit for a contemporary feel. Not just for summer, this is a sexy carefree look that can take you through any season.


Maybe you’re still sporting sun kissed skin, maybe it’s now faded as we head into winter. Maybe you’ve gone all out with some balayage or highlights that give the impression of time spent under gently bleaching rays, or you’re rocking naturally dark hair. All hair types and colours can get beachy waves into action.


What matters is that you create the right texture – this is key to mastering the unstructured, off-duty look. With the help of the right products, city dwellers as well as those lucky enough to live near a beach, can recreate the look at home without spending a fortune.


Step 1: The beachy wave starts from the wash. Try cleansing and conditioning your hair with the shampoo and conditioner from the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done system to infuse the strands with texture, and moisturize without weighing the hair down.

Step 2: Gently blot washed hair with a towel and use the Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt spray (‘the magic product’ according to TRESemmé Jeanie Syfu) generously all over the hair, taking care to work it into the roots.


Step 3: Blow dry the hair, lifting at the roots, and drying in different directions to give it extra body.


Step 4: Use a flat iron to create beautiful defined waves. There’s a knack to this: take hair by sections and apply the heat of the iron in a zig-zag motion. Apply in one direction, then hold a finger to where you created the last wave and move down the hair, applying the heat in the opposite direction with a flick of the wrist.


Step 5: Allow it to cool fully, and then rough it up gently to create some more texture. Fix it in place with a brushable hairspray, such as the ultra-light Perfectly (un)Done hairspray.


That’s it! What are you waiting for? Go forth, (un)do your hair to perfection and enjoy gorgeous beachy waves every day of the year. Watch the video to help you get the look with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection.


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