Close up of a blonde woman having a section of her hair styled with straighteners .


A splitting headache: split ends can be a nightmare to deal with. Heat from styling, regular vigorous brushing and day-to-day stress all take their toll on your hair. Ready to help repair the damage?


If you don't know what split ends are, they’re easy to spot: when you look at individual strands you’ll see the ends divide into two or three smaller strings, causing weakness and breakage. Luckily, the TRESemmé Split Remedy collection — expertly formulated with an innovative Reconstructing Complex — helps bind split ends, gently add moisture, and repair damage as it happens.  

So what causes split ends and where can I find the right split end treatment? Heat styling can be a major factor — which means it's essential to shield hair with a heat-protecting serum or spray to help minimize damage from exposure to excessive heat. If your hair happens to have a natural tendency towards split ends, strengthening your hair with a product fortified with regenerative vitamin B12 can help restore and revitalize distressed, weak hair for stronger-looking, healthier-feeling strands.

Sorry split ends, it’s the end of the road for you!