Root Touch Up Spray for Black Hair 

Instantly conceal greys and roots between salon visits with our Root Touch Up Spray for Black Hair. Sprays on in seconds and lasts until your next shampoo! 

TRESemmé Root Touch-Up temporary hair colour instantly conceals unwanted roots and greys to keep hair colour looking fresh. This smudge-proof colour hair spray is free of ammonia, peroxide, and synthetic dyes, it will provide coverage over large and small areas and will last until your next shampoo. Life happens and squeezing in a visit to the hair salon or finding time to colour your hair at home can be tough, but now you can rely on these easy-to-use temporary colour root concealers to quickly mask pesky greys and extend the time between colouring. The lightweight formula for black hair dries in seconds with no sticky residue, and at 70.8 g., this aerosol spray can is perfect to carry in your tote for hairstyling touch-ups on-the-go! Choose the shade to match your hair colour, and make your roots and greys disappear. HOW TO USE 1) Protect clothing during use (spots can be removed with soap and water) 2) Shake well and hold 15-20cm away from dry hair 3) Spray across roots or greys - wherever you want coverage 4) Lightly blend into hair and let dry for 1 minute We've always understood that style is more than a look: it's a part of you. With our professional quality care, a world of style possibilities is yours to achieve. Every choice we make atTRESemmé, from the values we promote—such as not testing on animals and being PETA approved—to the stylists we work with, down to the carefully selected ingredients we use, are made with intention and inspired by the latest trends and style. Because 70 years on, we believe in the power of style. So tell your story, land that job, make your mark –and achieve your aspirations with confidence. WithTRESemmé, your style can match your ambition.

  • Cover your clothing with a towel or something you don’t mind getting a little spray on.
  • Shake the can well and hold it 6-8 inches away from your dry hair.
  • Spray across your roots or grays — wherever you want coverage.
  • Finally, lightly blend the product into your hair and let it dry for one minute.

Don’t let pesky roots or grays cost you your signature color. This Root Touch Up Spray for Black Hair is here to help you keep the color you love.