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Woman with dark brown hair in a faux bob hairstyle

Pin Up Hair: How To Style A 1950s Faux Bob

Sophisticated and elegant, the 1950s vintage look never goes out of style. Impossibly glamorous film stars sashaying down the red carpet epitomize this golden era, and that goes for their hairstyles, too.


From soft, smooth waves and baby bangs, to upswept rolls and perfectly coiled hair, we still love recreating 1950s hair today. And while the pixie cut hairstyle was popularized by many stars of the time, it's the big faux bob that really exuded feminine charm; and it's one hairstyle that’s still guaranteed to turn heads today.


So, with the help of our team of talented hair professionals, here’s how to fake a sophisticated pin-up faux bob hairstyle reminiscent of the decadent 1950s. Not only is it a chic, versatile look that works with every face shape and hair type, it’s also a great style to help make fine hair appear fuller.


Tools needed to achieve the look: Blow dryer, medium size round brush, medium curling iron, sponge rollers, teasing comb, bobby pins, and plenty of sass.


Before styling, make sure you start with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System, designed to give you soft, tangible bounce. First, use the Pre-Wash Conditioner to soften the hair, followed by the Shampoo to wash away weight, helping to infuse your hair with volume and leaving it ready for styling.


Step 1: Apply Beauty-Full Volume Mousse to damp hair for soft texture and hold. This lightweight mousse formula delivers airy, all-day lift and its Fleximax Volumizers help build serious body while still allowing your hair to move.


Step 2: Using a medium size round brush, blow dry your hair section by section. Tip: using a brush featuring a metal core can help provide a smoother finish.


Step 3: Take small sections of your hair and wrap it around a medium curling wand. Each section should be roughly 2–3 inches wide for the perfect retro coil.


Step 4:  Wrap your waves around a sponge roller – following the direction of the curl – for maximum hold, then put your feet up and allow your hair to rest for half an hour (this will help the hair to cool and set into natural ringlets).


Step 5: Brush out the set and spot tease your curls with a fine tooth comb to help add extra volume. 


Step 6: Working in sections, wrap hair around your finger, starting at the tips, and tuck under to create a soft faux bob effect – secure each piece with a bobby pin. Depending on how thick your hair is, you may need a lot of these! For an effortless, more sensual style, gently tease some loose strands around your face to soften the look. And there you go!

Now you've taken the time to create this beautiful and bouncy classic-era Hollywood style, there would be nothing more annoying than watching it fall flat! TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hair Spray sets your hair without stiffening your style; mist a light spray over your look to hold throughout the day.

Ready to flaunt your foxy side with our 1950s-inspired pin-up faux bob? Watch the video to help you get the look with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection.


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